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Strain Transducers

Strain transducers are mounted parallel to the flux on a steel structure. The strain in the steel construction gets converted to an electrical signal. It is not necessary to weaken the structure!

Use Cases
  • For new constructions and retrofitting of any kind of steel structures
Strain transducer

Strain Transducer
Type: M-0019

  • Nominal strain: 1500 µm/m
  • Connection: non-removable PVC cable
    • Option: non-removable PUR cable
    • Option: M12 connector
  • Signal: strain gauge bridge (~1,5 mV/V)
  • Ingress protection (IEC/EN 60529): IP 65
    • Option: IP 68
  • Material: stainless steel
  • Operating temperature: −25…+70 °C
    • Option: −40…+80 °C
  • Mounting hardware
    • Brackets
    • Spring lock washers
    • High-strength bolts

  • ATEX certification

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