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Kilo-was? Ihre Anzeige in der richtigen Einheit

About Displays

We offer a diverse range of display models. From cabin displays with up to two graphical displays, to LED large digit displays with a digit height of up to 100 mm that can easily be read from a distance of more than 50 m.

LED large digit displays are often used in conjunction with ceiling cranes or dockside cranes, in order to allow reading the current load even from a distance. In those situations, acoustical warnings (e.g. with a horn) can be integrated as well.

Cabin displays with illuminated graphical displays are preferrably installed in crane cockpits. In conjunction with the MVD-0485 or SKS-0586, these displays can show a variety of additional information, like individual loads, load sum, jib radius, utilization or the state of any switching contact. Every cabin display can be outfitted with an integrated buzzer for acoustical warning. An LED bargraph offers an at-a-glance overview of the load situation.

The Universal Receiver is the newest type of cabin display option available for our SKS-0586 controllers. It offers a configurable, multi function LED bar graph that can also display warnings and alarms by changing color or flashing. Each unit comes with an integrated buzzer, too. Five buttons allow for user-friendly operation of the entire system. An integrated microSD card slot enables recording of the load spectrum and all events during operation.

The optimal display

We will gladly support you with choosing the best display type for your project needs.

Depending on model and options, our display products are usually available within days. Thanks to our in-house development and manufacturing, we can also offer complex solutions that integrate our display products with our digital overload safety devices and measuring amplifiers according to your specifications–all in short order.

Proudly made in Germany!

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