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Mobile Measuring Systems

About Mobile Measuring Systems

We offer a variety of mobile measuring systems, like dynamometers and crane scales. Both devices are perfectly suited for crane certifications and other situations that require measuring the load directly at the hook.

The dynamometer is very compact and more rugged than crane scales. It is used with a companion receiver to display the measured load value. Optionally, they can be operated stand-alone, outfitted with an integrated display.

We offer matching shackles to facilitate mounting.

Crane scales can be mounted without any accessories and do not require external display units or receivers. They come with a shackle at the top and a hook on the bottom. The integrated illuminated graphiccal display indicates the measured load value. Buttons allow the operator to select different modes and functions.

The Universal Receiver is the newest companion for our wireless sensors. The system operates on the 2.4GHz ISM band, requiring no licensing or permits. The integrated rechargable lithium ion battery can be charged from any USB outlet or with the supplied charger. An optical and acoustic signal warns the user on exceeding the working load limit or a configurable threshold. The integrated microSD-Card allows recording the load spectrum for later analysis on any computer.

Mobile force measurements as a service

With our compact measuring systems, you can tackle any task that requires exact force measurement, like weighing, or verifying the correct operation of a crane systems' overload protection system.

In the above picture, a ship is being weighed. The mass of 16t was no problem for our 30t dynamometer (marked in red).

We can offer individual working load limits. Even nominal loads of less than 1t or more than 100t are possible and will be made to your specification.

If you are unsure which measuring system is a good fit for your requirements, we will gladly assist you with choosing the right devices and accessories.

Proudly made in Germany!

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